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I’m Google

I’m Google is an ongoing tumblr blog by Dina Kelberman in which batches of images and videos that she finds on internet are compiled into a long 'stream-of-consciousness'.

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The Centrifuge Brain Project

Welcome to the ICR - the world's leading research laboratory in the highly specialized field of spinning people around. Dr. Laslowicz is convinced: Making his machines more powerful brings him comes closer to the solution for all our problems. 

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Open source documentary: Problema

'How do we sit together and lead a discussion. Not with one or two persons, but all of us on the planet. To start to raise the questions about what's important.'

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#theVELUXpose is very nice interactive installation for VELUX set in the streets of Copenhagen by Kat Zorina and Andrew Spitz who are two students from The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID).

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Social media propaganda

Aaron Wood visualizes the 'social media war' with his propaganda posters.

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