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Aakash Nihalani – ‘Sum Times’

Aakash Nihalani who is widely known for his playful street art involving neon-colored tape in various geometric forms has new work in urban space entiteld 'Sum Times'.

View Aakash Nihalani – ‘Sum Times’

Human Jukebox

This is a smart initiative by cdza. Charles Yang on Violin, Michael Thurber on Bass, and Eddie Barbash on Alto Saxophone are the Human Jukebox.

View Human Jukebox

Urban interventions

Streetartist Pavel Puhov plays with suspense in the urban surrounding. 

View Urban interventions

Sonic Graffiti

'Sonic Graffiti' is project by Mr. Underwood produced and installed in Birmingham.

View Sonic Graffiti

Busy being lazy

'Busy being lazy' is a new streetart by the Id-iom brothers.

View Busy being lazy


QRadio is the most recent project by Berlin based artist SWEZA, it is an interactive Street Art piece in the streets of Berlin.

View QRadio


In an effort to establish new platforms for public art and performance, the multimedia duo SWEATSHOPPE has developed a new interactive technology that enables them to explore the relationship between video, mark making and architecture.


Slinkachu: House of god

Streetart artist Slinkachu is known for his 'little people project' which began in 2006, whereby he remodels and paints miniature train set characters, arranging them in particular scenarios on the street, photographing them and leaving them for passer-bys to stumble upon.

View Slinkachu: House of god

Mini paste ups

Enter the little narrative world of Mexican artist Pablo Delgado in the city of London. In his artwork he presents different scenes and characters who are narrative snapshots of circus, redlight-disctricts, everyday-entertainment and kafkaesque fantasy.

View Mini paste ups

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