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Mimeisthei is an absolutely stunning interactive installation created by James Theophane. The installation takes snippets of conversations spoken live from the theater and generates an interactive visualization.

View Mimeisthai


Radioactive from the author Lauren Redniss is a beautiful story where art meets science. This book shows us the power of storytelling that makes us care about the characters and their life in the world of science.

View Radioactive

Ice Book

Wow, this is an amazing project by Davy and Kristin McGuire. 

View Ice Book

Redball project

Kurt Perschke placed as part of his 'Redball Project', a giant red rubber ball in various cities around the world. 

View Redball project

Black Day to Freedom

Yesterday I visited the site of Rob Chiu, also known as 'the.ronin'. One of his older project is one of my favorite. 

View Black Day to Freedom

Re-rite. Be the orchestra.

Some days ago I've visited the powerful experience 'Re-rite. Be the Orchestra', by Esa-Pekka Salonen in collaboration with the Philharmonic Orchestra London.

View Re-rite. Be the orchestra.

National Geographic AR Project

Appshaker recently launched a unique way for people to interact with the world of National Geographic Channel's content from around the globe.

View National Geographic AR Project

I Believe I can Fly

This feeling-good trailer is a perfect start for a monday morning.

View I Believe I can Fly

The THINK exhibit

The THINK exhibit by IBM combines unique experiences to engage visitors in a conversation about how we can improve the way we live and work through interactive data.

View The THINK exhibit

Ecriture infinie

The artsist Bili Bidjocka invites people around the world to handwrite something in large notebooks as if it were their last opportunity to handwrite something.

View Ecriture infinie

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