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Chaotic Flow

Chaotic Flow is a data visualization installation for the 4S / EASST joint conferences in Copenhagen October 2012 by Illutron.

View Chaotic Flow


Playgrounds in landscapes...

View ‘Playscapes’

The Nature Energy Park

Educational playgrounds...

View The Nature Energy Park

The Ball Pit

'Playgrounds' to connect...

View The Ball Pit

Playgrounds from the 70’s

The next posts I will dedicate the theme 'playgrounds'. Here's a look into the past, back in the 70s. 

View Playgrounds from the 70’s

Product of circumstance

Recently I followed a very inspiring talk in Rotterdam by Duncan Speakman from circumstance. In their projects you can find all strong ingredients of a rich user experience. 

View Product of circumstance

The handknitted sweaters of Loes Veenstra

Since 1955, Loes Veenstra has knitted over 550 sweaters and stored them in her home on the 2nd Carnissestraat in Rotterdam. The sweaters have never been worn. Until a certain day.

View The handknitted sweaters of Loes Veenstra

Nebula 12

The Nebula 12 is a weather station with indoor cloud function. This concept is developed by Micasa LAB, Zürich. Using meterological data from MetOff the Nebula forms to represent outside weather:

View Nebula 12

Natalie Jeremijenko

' The art of the eco-mindshift' is a very interesting TED-talk by Natalie Jeremijenko where art meets science. 

View Natalie Jeremijenko

Open source documentary: Problema

'How do we sit together and lead a discussion. Not with one or two persons, but all of us on the planet. To start to raise the questions about what's important.'

View Open source documentary: Problema

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