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The handknitted sweaters of Loes Veenstra

Since 1955, Loes Veenstra has knitted over 550 sweaters and stored them in her home on the 2nd Carnissestraat in Rotterdam. The sweaters have never been worn. Until a certain day.

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Significant Objects

This book is for all people who love stories and are convinced about the power of the narrative. Rob Walker & Joshua Glenn started this literary and economic experiment with the goal to test the following hypothesis:

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Radioactive from the author Lauren Redniss is a beautiful story where art meets science. This book shows us the power of storytelling that makes us care about the characters and their life in the world of science.

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Handmade 3D

'A time will come when people turn off their computers and start to cut paper with scissors, glue cardboard. making nice things.' Andres Fredes

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Images de Pensée

Darwin, Freud, Descartes, Goethe, Klee, Beuys, Marinetti, Nabokov, among others, left behind these “images of thought.” They have been found in notebooks, on the pages of manuscripts, in the margins of letters, on paper napkins. These rough and transient, but nonetheless evocative sketches, trace the birth of ideas, some not yet articulated, that have gone on to shape our culture.

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