Open source documentary: Problema

‘How do we sit together and lead a discussion. Not with one or two persons, but all of us on the planet. To start to raise the questions about what’s important.’ This is the introduction question of the open-source documentary ‘Problema‘. The documentary is based on a memorable event in the historic heart of Berlin. 112 people from all walks of life and all round the world joined in a single circle. Seated together at the world’s largest round table, they had come to speak on behalf of themselves and others, to rediscover how much they don’t know and how much they do.

‘A vivid celebration of the symbolic power of cultural diversity and creative free expression, the Table of Free Voices marked the three-year culmination of the not-for-profit social media project, dropping knowledge. Founded in the summer of 2003 by filmmaker Ralf Schmerberg, artist and designer Cindy Gantz and philanthropist-activist Jackie Northway-Wallace, dropping knowledge combined Gantz and Northway-Wallace’s ideas for an interactive web-platform based around people’s questions with Schmerberg’s vision of a one-day meeting in which wise people could freely share their knowledge with the world.’

‘Problema’ is a really impressive project which provides for goosebumps and let us feel the energy of this meaningful event in the documentary.
Watch and donate the documentary here.




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