Slinkachu: House of god

Streetart artist Slinkachu is known for his ‘little people project’ which began in 2006, whereby he remodels and paints miniature train set characters, arranging them in particular scenarios on the street, photographing them and leaving them for passer-bys to stumble upon. His work is intended to encourage city-dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings.
Slinkachu wants to reflect loneliness and melancholy of city life with his work.
His latest piece is ‘house of god (application to the department of city planning – ref: 13-3470/C)’ located in new york city.

All images © Slinkachu | Via: ignant






[…]   Streetart artist Slinkachu arranges his miniature ‘House of God’ scenes around New York City, reflecting loneliness and melancholy. Images via: wonderfullylost […]

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