‘The New America’

‘The New America’ is the most recent project by Nando Costa. It’s a Short Film & Engraved Art.
Last year I saw Nando’s inspiring session and beautiful work at the conference FOTB in Brighton. He made the impressive titles for the conference. Nando about his new project:

‘In 2010 I created a limited edition series of illustrations that were laser engraved on blocks of wood. I instantly fell in love with the process and since then I have been really excited to create a short film in which every frame is a unique engraved artwork.
The film I want to create is called “The New America” and is set in a fictitious place and time where a very advanced society goes through a phase of structural and financial collapse, but eventually re-emerges with it’s values rooted in a strong relationship with nature.
One of the most exciting parts of this film is that every frame would actually be engraved on wood and that each person participating would get to keep one of these one-of-a-kind artworks. There are many levels of involvement and some include a limited edition poster for the film, a limited edition shirt and even other artworks I’m made recently.’

More about the project here.


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