Hong Yi

Hong Yi, also known by the nickname ‘Red’ is an Malaysian artist-architect who ‘loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush.’Red’s grandparents and father left Shanghai in the ’60s and moved to Malaysia where she was born and raised. She heard stories about how life was like for her grandparents and her relatives in China. After graduating from university, she took up an offer to work in Shanghai. When she got there she was blown away by the city. This inspired her to start on a project of ‘painting’ portraits of iconic Chinese figures, using local everyday materials like a basketball, candles, seeds or socks as her medium.

red_hong20 red_hong19 red_hong18 red_hong17 red_hong16 red_hong15 red_hong14 red_hong13 red_hong12 red_hong11 red_hong10 red_hong09 red_hong08 red_hong07 red_hong06a red_hong05 red_hong04 red_hong03 red_hong02 red_hong01

All images © Hong Yi
via: ignant.de

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